Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lets talk body shape

Hi guys i wanted to go right into it. The most inportant aspect of dressing a curvy to full figure is knowing your shape there are 5 distinctive shapes whether you are plus size or thin and the only difference is medium to plus woman just have a little bit more lol. the shapes are:
If you are apple shape you are pretty well proportioned but you have a lil extra sum sum around your middle a lil 2 piece and a biscuit from popeyes lol j/k it just mean that you carry a little more weight on your middle, but you have great boobs, and legs, but not a very define waist. what you want to do is wear clothing with an empire line which means things that show off your boobs but cinch in right under your bust and flow down. i personally would not recommend shorts because they essencuate the stomach and most often give you a muffin top, and we don't want that. hint: if you gain weight in your stomach first then you are most likely apple shape diva.
examples of apple shape celebrities is: America Ferrera, and Queen Latifah.
if you are pear shape it means that you are bottom heavy you carry most of your weight on your thighs, legs, and bottom, and are smaller up top. now i know the experts say to not wear pencil skirts but i say go for it. the only thing you do have to remember is you have to balance your top half with bold prints, chunky necklaces, collars and even sleeves. we want you to look proportional and balanced from top to bottom.
hint: if you gain weight in your tighs, legs, hips you are a pear shape diva.
example of pear shape celebrities are:  Beyonce Knowls, Alicia Keys.
If you are a strawberry shape you are bigger on top than on the bottom, and that sometimes  due to broad shoulder, and a bigger bust. this bit of an athletic shape. so to balance this off your almost going to do the opposite of the pear shape, you will want to wear your colors at the bottom, try wide leg pants and you are just in luck because bell bottom jeans are coming back
examples of celebrities strawberry shaped are: Jessica Biel, and cant think of anyone else right now lol sorry.
if you an hour glass or coke bottle shape you have a great figure, you gain weight equally throughout your body, you have a full bottom and bust and a define waist. you want to stay away from baggy clothes, you want to show off those curves, vneck tops , pencil skirts, belts the list is endless.
example of hour glass shape celebrities:  Kim Kardashian (love her) Scarlett Johanson.
the last shape is box which Im not going to touch on right now because this is a blog for curvy girls but if you think you are this shape shoot me an email and ill be happy to give you some pointers.

Im going to post a few pics of me and you tell what shape you think i am. and please feel free to send some of your pics in and let me know if i helped you find which shape you are, and ill post it on the blog.

what made me want to blog and what its about

Hello all my medium to plus divas out there, my name is Benjamine and i reside in tulsa OK. I decided to start a blog for two reasons.
1.  quite a few random people wanted to know where i buy my clothes, makeup, and shoes.
2. a friend of mine told me i should start a blog because im not a small girl but not quite a bbw yet lol but i seem to find very fashionable things that fit me.
So all in all this blog is going to be about what i wear and what i like. but it is also going to be about recreating celebrity looks, and fashion trends like color blocking (which is wearing a bunch of different colors that go well together). and Im also going to be posting pics from a few friends of mine that in my opinion can dress their ass off. so please bear with me, support me in this journey.